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Plagiarism Statement

Plagiarism: taking the ideas, work, words, or images from someone and presenting them as your own. You can avoid it if you understand how to cite, quote and paraphrase information.

You are cheating or plagiarizing if you:

1) Reuse or rework a paper you turned in for another class.
2) Order a term paper or buy one from an online source and turn it in as your own
3) Copy entire sentences, paragraphs or images from a source and present them as your own
4) Take credit for group work without contributing to it 

To avoid being accused of cheating or plagiarizing:

1) Keep all notes you take while doing research
2) Save as separate files all versions, revisions or drafts of your paper. 
3) When using the Internet for research, save the information you need as you go, since it is possible for a site to disappear from the Web due to technical difficulties.
4) Make use of writing handbooks and style guides, along with sites such as EasyBib for proper source citation, and when in doubt, ask your teacher or a librarian for help.