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Empires of Southeast Asia: Introduction


Southeast Asia: General

Asia Society: Countries & History

Digital South Asia Library from the University of Chicago Databases of images, statistics, and maps.

*primary sources


Historical Maps

Visions of Enlightenment: Understanding the Art of Buddhism / Pacific Asia Museum Introduces Buddhist concepts and symbols through art and architecture, from a wide variety of Buddhist traditions throughout Asia.


Gupta Dynasty

The Gupta Dynasty and the Classical Age

Gupta Empire 

Gupta Empire: Religion

Gupta Empire- (govt., economy, architecture)

Gupta (book excerpt)

Gupta Empire


Khmer Empire

Khmer Empire National Geographic- interactive site!

Khmer Empire Includes info. on decline

Khmer Kings and Demise of Empire

Angkor-Khmer Civilization


Database Link

Recommended Databases:


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Gale World History in Context

Map: Expansion of the Mughal Empire

Gupta Empire

Gupta Empire Map

The Great Khmer Empire

Animated Time Map: Khmer Empire