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Causes of World War I: Home

Which of the focus areas below had the greatest influence on the outbreak of World War I?

1. Berlin Baghdad Railroad

2. Moroccan Crisis

3. German Chancellor Bismarck is Fired

4. Russo-Japanese War

5. Franco-Prussian War

6. 1st and 2nd Balkan Crisis

Moroccan Crisis

German Chancellor Bismarck

Bismarck’s Fall from Power, 1890; University of Michigan



Otto von Bismarck, 1815-1898; BBC



Overview of Bismarck; Encyclopedia Britannica


Bismarck and World War I; The Guardian



Bismarck and the Quest for German Unity


Berlin Baghdad Railroad

The Berlin-Baghdad Railroad


The Bagdad Railway 1899-1914; Mt. Holyoke


The Baghdad Railway; Encyclopedia Britannica



Russo-Japanese War

Russo-Japanese War; Encyclopedia Britannica


The Treaty of Portsmouth and the Russo-Japanese War; US State Department


Russian Japanese War; Causes and Significance


Franco-Prussian War

Franco-Prussian War; Encyclopedia Britannica


Franco-Prussian War, causes, significance; Columbia Encyclopedia

Overview: Causes of WWI

Timeline 1839-1914. The Long Fuse


Timeline: The July Crisis 1914


Timeline: June 28, 1914; The Assassination in Sarajevo


The Great War 1914-1918; National Archives


The Deadly Alliances 1879-1914


The Slide to War 1911-1914


The Secret Serbian Terrorist Society


War and Neutral Rights


Weapons of War; The Machine Gun


Franco-Prussian War