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Contributors: Ms. Collins/Ms.Jolicoeur/Ms. Whall/Ms. Weishaar


Hamlet Project: The Scene's the Thing to Show the Sensibilities of Assorted Characters and Strut Your Knowledge of Scholarly Sources- Shakespeare has inspired scholars and authors for hundreds of years. In recent years authors have used characters from Hamlet as foundations for their own creative works; for instance, Tom Stoppard wrote a prize-winning absurdist play, "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead," and John Updike wrote the novel Claudius and Gertrude.


For this group project you will be assigned a character and a suggested scholarly lens with which to view the character. After thoroughly analyzing all instances in which your character appears in the play and pondering how the incidents of the play would be viewed from his/her point of view, and after doing some secondary research on your character and scholarly lens, your task is either to create a new scene for your character, one that occurs after a pre-existing pivotal scene, or to add to an existing pivotal scene. You need to decide the setting. You do not need to use scholarly language, but you do need to use sophisticated language and include metaphor and imagery. Consider how your scholarly lens informs your character's speech and behavior. You will write the script and accompanying explanation that you will perform and post on YouTube or provide in a disc format.

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