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9th Grade Research Workshop: Introduction

This guide will help you develop research skills you need to succeed in your research projects throughout high school.

Printable Research Aids

Research Models

Take a moment to look at the Wikipedia page on research. 

Do you find it strange that research is a creative undertaking and that it is approached systematically?

Being creative and following a system seem to be opposite activities, but they actually work hand in hand to make your research better. Sometimes research can get messy, overwhelming, and confusing. Using a research model is the best way to ensure that your research is sucessful.

The research model is the system you use to approach a research problem. You can see, in the pinterest board below, that there are many ways to conceptualize the way we do research. For our purposes, we will focus on a research model called the Big6. Download the printable overview of six steps that will guide you in your research projects. 

Let's Talk about the Research Process